Critical foreclosure information for Realtors and real estate agents and brokers

If you’re a real estate professional—whether you’re a Realtor, a broker, or an agent–or you work with someone who is—then you need to hear what Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney Mike Wasylik has to say about handling foreclosures. Here are three things you’ll learn:

  1. The surprising way some well-meaning agents break Florida law handling foreclosures
  2. The liability trap you might fall into if you fail to advise your listing seller about this critical sales factor
  3. The changes to federal law that can help you protect your short sale commissions and prevent short sales from being sold out underneath you at auction

For the first two, watch this video:

For the last point, watch this video:

If you have a foreclosure listing and need information about protecting your sale and avoiding the pitfalls mentioned above, please contact us to set up a 30-minute appointment to speak with one of our lawyers.

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