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Debt defense, debt collection violations, and credit report problems

Foreclosure Defense

Florida homeowners have been hit especially hard by the wave of foreclosures and bank failures that threatens the whole nation. For those who are in foreclosure or close to it, we can show you how and why to fight your foreclosure, and then serve as your first line of defense in the fight to save your home. But you must act now!

Deficiency Judgments

When you think your foreclosure is over and done, you get a new court paper from the bank demanding money. Even if you’ve done a short sale, deed in lieu, or a given your home back to the bank, they can often come after you for the rest of the loan, if the foreclosure auction didn’t raise enough money to pay it off. We have ways of making the bank pay for suing you twice.

Credit Report Problems

Your credit report and credit score can determine if you get a loan or not; pay too much for interest or not; get an apartment or not; and in some cases, even whether you get or keep your job, or not. If there are mistakes in your credit report, it could wreck your life. But we can help.

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Arlene Ipre

Calling Ricardo & Wasylik was the best decision I could've made. They were fast, thorough, and courteous. I highly recommend their services. They know what they're doing. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

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Elvira Reyes

They were so fast and attentive. Please do not try to settle things on your own go with professional that can and will help.

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Rosaray Almodovar

They made a stressful situation so much better. They explained everything to my husband and I, would highly recommend them for any legal help you need. They kept is informed of everything that was going on with our case. Just want to thank you again for helping us.

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