Did you know there might be CASH hidden in your credit report?

Your credit score and credit report are important. They can help you get a great deal on a loan, they can help you pass a background screening for a new job, and they can even help decide whether or not you get that new apartment you’ve been looking at.

But if your credit report contains hidden mistakes you might be shut out of all these opportunities. And even worse, as many as 80% of all credit reports DO contain mistakes that can hurt you. And you might not even know it unless you know what to look for.

Hidden mistakes, hidden cash

The good news is that those hidden mistakes—if they go uncorrected—can lead to cash in your pocket, but only if you know how to go get it. And if you’ve lost a loan, a job, or a housing opportunity because of uncorrected mistakes in your report, you may be entitled to a lot more cash than you think.

At Ricardo & Wasylik, we’re committed to helping people just like you get a far shake from lenders, debt-collectors, employers, and credit report agencies when it comes to making sure everything in your report is accurate, and up-to-date.

Fixing the pain of inaccurate credit reporting

Having a bad credit score or credit report can cause a lot of pain. And that pain is even worse when you don’t deserve that bad score, but the credit bureaus have wrong, stale, or incomplete information.

But here’s some good news: you have the legal right to make the credit bureaus fix anything that’s wrong with your credit report. Stale information? Gone. Wrong information? Gone. Unverifiable information? Gone.

And sometimes, it’s as easy as just writing them a letter. They investigate, recognize the error, and fix it. But what happens if they don’t?

How to make the credit bureaus respect you and fix your credit

If you’ve already gotten your free annual credit report and written to the bureaus to dispute any mistakes on your credit report, you have the right to go to court and force them to fix the mistakes. In many cases, you’ll also be able to make them pay you back if you’ve gotten turned down for credit or higher interest rates on credit due to their mistakes. And the best part is—you won’t have to pay your lawyers a dime to fix it, because we’re able to take these cases on a 100% contingent fee basis.

What kind of mistakes should you be worried about?

Some people estimate that as many as 80% of all credit reports have some kind of mistake, so if you have a credit report, you should be worried. Common errors include:

  • incorrectly reporting on-time payments as late
  • incorrectly reporting overdue payments for longer than they were late (30 days reported as 60 days, for example)
  • stale information (negative information more than 7-10 years old)
  • incorrect “header” information identifying you (wrong name, address, employment, or similar data)
  • incorrect loan amounts or balances (this can hurt your credit score)
  • someone else’s information appearing on your report (also called “mixed” or “merged” files)
  • more than one entry for the same debt
  • criminal history, arrests or convictions that aren’t yours

Any of these errors should be, and must be, easily cleared up. But if they aren’t, they can cost you money or even lead to losing a job. So you’ve got any of these errors in your credit report, you’ve got to act now to fix them.

Get money if you’ve been hurt by credit report mistakes

If you’ve suffered from errors in your credit report, whether you’ve lost a job, gotten a higher interest rate, or been turned down for credit, you have the right to sue to recover that money and any other damages you’ve suffered.

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