unwanted phone calls

Calls to your cell phone could be worth up to $1500 for every call.

Unwanted phone calls could be worth up to $1500 for every call—but only if you know how.

If you have debt collectors, telemarketers, or other unpleasant callers harassing you on your cell phone, you have the right to make them STOP.  But you have to know how.

And once you do, you could collect up to $1500 for every unwanted call to your cell phone.

Some of our clients report getting 2 to 3 phone calls every day, for months in a row. That’s hundreds of calls.  They’ve tried everything to make it stop—asking politely, asking less politely, ignoring the calls—but nothing seems to work.

One thing will work—make them pay.  Make them pay every time they call you without permission.

How can I stop the calls?

Federal law makes certain types of unwanted cell phone calls illegal, and allows you to sue for up to $1500 per call.  We’ll teach you what to say, how to say it, and how to keep track of every violation to make sure you get every dollar you’ve got coming to you–and make it very expensive for any caller who invades your privacy.

Remember those clients getting 2-3 calls a day for several months?  That’s hundreds of calls, each one worth up to $1500.  If that doesn’t make the calls stop, maybe it’ll make you smile every time you get another call.

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