Learn How to Stop Your Foreclosure Dead In Its Tracks (Legally!) Without Filing Bankruptcy:

Consumer's Guide to Defending Florida Foreclosures: Smart Strategies to Fight Foreclosure and Avoid Foreclosure Rescue Scams

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  • Warning: this is no ordinary book!

    If you’ve already given up, if you’re not prepared to fight for what’s right and what’s rightfully yours, this Guide is not for you. But if you’re determined to fight to protect your castle… if you have decided that the bank’s road to taking your home doesn’t go around you but has to go through you… if you’re David, eager to take on Goliath with a rock and a sling… then this Guide will change the way you’ve been taught to think about foreclosure. It’s not the end of the road, but the beginning of the battle, and you need true, unbiased, information fresh from the front lines. If you take the time to read, understand, and faithfully follow the battle plan we lay out for you, you will massively increase your odds of saving your home from the auction block.

    Respected and experienced foreclosure defense attorneys Jason Ricardo and Michael Wasylik pull back the curtain on the foreclosure industry and show you how you can fight back, once and for all.

  • Do you know...

    • The NINE SECRETS that foreclosing lenders don't want you to know? (Page 4)
    • Under what circumstances it does MORE HARM THAN GOOD to file bankruptcy? (Page 28)
    • The TEN WARNING SIGNS of a foreclosure rescue scam? (Page 11)
    • The most common FATAL MISTAKES that can kill your foreclosure case before you even start to defend it? (Page 24)
    • Just six of the many ways to ATTACK THE LENDER'S CASE and maximize your chances of saving your home? (Page 20)
    If you want to learn all these and more, you need to read our free e-book, A Consumer's Guide to Defending Florida Foreclosure: Smart Strategies to Fight Foreclosure and Avoid Foreclosure Rescue Scams.

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