Our Legal Services

Fight foreclosure: Foreclosure defense

Florida homeowners have been hit especially hard by the wave of foreclosures and bank failures that threatens the whole nation. For those who are in foreclosure or close to it, we can show you how and why to fight your foreclosure, and then serve as your first line of defense in the fight to save your home. But you must act now! MORE »

Recover from debt: Personal bankruptcy

The economic downturn is affecting everyone; mounting bills and continuing telephone calls from creditors can be overwhelming. Even so, making the decision to consult a bankruptcy attorney is very difficult. The prospect of involving an attorney and the courts in your personal finances is understandably frightening. In the right hands, however, the bankruptcy laws and courts can provide you the relief and protection you need. Consumers have important rights under the bankruptcy laws, and if you don't ask, you'll never know what they are. MORE »

Save your business: Business reorganization

During these challenging economic times, you might find that your clients and customers are taking longer and longer to pay, and vendors and other creditors may seem less understanding of delays at your end. Knowing what to do and when to do it, oftentimes means the difference between successfully navigating a difficult situation and missing a golden opportunity. A business bankruptcy may provide you with the opportunity to restructure your debt and save your business. Don’t be afraid to ask for information and assistance. MORE »

Get what's yours: Creditors' rights

Vendors, landlords, lenders, and others can find themselves in situations where a person, tenant, client or business with whom they have been dealing stops paying the money they owe or files a bankruptcy petition. Too often creditors think they have no rights and take no actions to protect themselves. If you find yourself as a creditor or a defendant in a bankruptcy proceeding and need effective representation to protect your rights, the experience of Ricardo, Wasylik, & Kaniuk, PL can help you get what's yours. MORE »

Put your deal together: Corporate, commercial and real estate transactions

Corporate, Commercial and Real Estate Transactions are common-place in Florida and throughout the nation, and having a lawyer serve as a trusted business advisor and counselor can provide immeasurable benefits. Ricardo, Wasylik, & Kaniuk, PL can represent you in buying or selling businesses, commercial real estate, or other assets; in forming small businesses, corporations, partnerships, and joint ventures; and in developing effective franchising networks. MORE »