Are banks secretly selling poison properties to an unsuspecting public?

Imagine a home filled with poison gas, sealed airtight for three, four, even five years. Imagine the last owners of that home, forced to flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs — contaminated clothes they would have to throw in the dumpster as soon as they bought replacements. Imagine that the bank forecloses on this home, takes it back, and then sells it to the unsuspecting public, without taking any measures to fix it.

Now imagine that the bank knows exactly what they are selling—a home contaminated with toxic drywall.

Sounds like a plot from the latest pulp-fiction thriller? If only that were true… but this story comes straight from the case files at Ricardo & Wasylik, who helped these homeowners escape their toxic home, only to see it go back on the market to buyers who have no idea what danger their family is about to face. Attorney Mike Wasylik tells the story in this video:

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