Florida Shuts Down Foreclosure Scammers—Fake Lawyers Arrested

Fake “lawyers” who scammed foreclosure victims in Florida are now facing jail time, and Florida officials have shut down their fraudulent scheme, the state announced this month.

Adam Todd Forman, Joseph Anton Hilton (alias Joseph Starr), and Victor Spagnuolo ran a number of fake law firms that took money, promising to help people save their home from foreclosure, but never delivered what they promised. Forman, Hilton, and Spagnulo were never lawyers at all, but they ran several fake “law firms” including Asset Protection Law Firm, Heritage Law Group, Liberty Law Group, Consumer Legal Resources, Consumer Legal Advocates, Legal Referral Services, Galler Lehman Law, and Selective Housing Solutions.

Many of the people who feel victim to these scammers are now facing the loss of their homes, even though they did the right thing and tried to get legal help with their foreclosures. Unfortunately, the people they ended up paying weren’t lawyers at all, but con-artists.

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