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  • Just six of the many ways to ATTACK THE LENDER’S CASE and maximize your chances of saving your home? (Page 20)

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How Ricardo and Wasylik, PL have helped

Facebook Avatar Testimonial
Connie Kaplan

If you're looking for hard working lawyers that are really committed to their clients, you've found the right place! Michael Wasylik and his team are exceptional with their commitment and dedication to their clients.

Google Avatar Testimonial
Mike Ackerson

Was a little worried about this case, but I was assured that all is good, and so it was. If another arises I`ll be sure to contact Ricardo & Wasylik for sure. Thank you all for your help.

Google Avatar Testimonial
Peter Morlon

Mike Wasylik has fought the battle for us as far as he could take it and beyond. He was always on top of it and in spite of the outcome which was really due to a change in the law after we had already won, he did all he could to block all the rubbish the bank pulled against us.
I would recommend him without hesitation to any of my friend.

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