Five things you didn’t know about the Obama foreclosure plan:

  1. Under the Obama plan, our government has given banks $275 billion to help homeowners in danger of foreclosure.
  2. Only 2.5% of American homeowners even qualify for the Obama foreclosure plan – even fewer in Florida.
  3. As many as half of those who qualify for a permanent modification under the Obama foreclosure plan will ultimately “redefault” and risk losing their homes again.
  4. Out of 52 million American homeowners, only 200,000 will get long-term relief. That’s almost 1.4 million dollars per home saved.
  5. The government could have saved five times as many homes with that money if they had just paid the mortgages off, instead of giving the money to the banks.

Still want to wait for the government to save your home? Or would you rather help yourself?

Sure, you could wait for the government to figure out how to fix the foreclosure crisis. But keep in mind- the government’s plan is to address the nationwide problem, not your individual problem. And that means giving money to banks, not to you. So if you choose to wait, do so at your own risk.

Since the government can’t help, what can you do to save your home?

One of the most important things you can do now is arm yourself with knowledge. That’s why we prepared this free 30-page Consumer’s Guide to Defending Florida Foreclosures. In this Guide, you’ll find:

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    • The NINE SECRETS that foreclosing lenders don’t want you to know. (Page 4)
    • Under what circumstances it does MORE HARM THAN GOOD to file bankruptcy. (Page 28)
    • The TEN WARNING SIGNS of a foreclosure rescue scam. (Page 11)
    • The most common FATAL MISTAKES that can kill your foreclosure case before you even start to defend it. (Page 24)
    • Just six of the many ways to ATTACK THE LENDER’S CASE and maximize your chances of saving your home. (Page 20)

    If you want to learn all these and more, you need to read our free e-book, A Consumer’s Guide to Defending Florida Foreclosure: Smart Strategies to Fight Foreclosure and Avoid Foreclosure Rescue Scams.

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