Dyck O’Neal and Vantium Capital are coming after deficiency judgments.

The foreclosures that wouldn’t die: deficiency judgment claims hit hard after the house is long gone.

All across Florida, former homeowners who lost their homes to foreclosure years ago are getting a nasty surprise: brand-new court papers demanding money for so-called “deficiency judgments.” Even though you lost the house—or gave it up—long ago, someone is still trying to squeeze money out of you…

We’re now seeing cases from companies named Dyck O’Neal, Vantium Capital, and others, all of them filed just before the middle of the year. Why is this happening now? Partly because of your Florida Legislature. In 2013, Florida passed a new law setting a deadline of July 1, 2014, to file any deficiency claims on older foreclosure cases, and setting a new one-year deadline for new cases.

We’re seeing a stockpile of old cases come back to life in just the last month or so. (If this makes you mad, write a letter to your Florida Senator or Representative and demand to know what they’re going to do to protect Florida consumers this year—and vote.)

Don’t get sued twice – act now!

So what do you do if you get hit with one of these claims for a deficiency judgment? First of all, ACT FAST. If you ignore it, you’ll lose all your rights. Immediately talk to a lawyer who can help you figure out what defenses you have and whether you can beat the deficiency claim entirely.

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