Save your job, save yourself thousands of dollars, clean up your credit: Mike Wasylik Interviews Credit Education Consultant Laurie Zoock

Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Michael Alex Wasylik interviews Credit Education Consultant Laurie Zoock about credit scores and credit reporting.

You’ll learn a ton of useful information in just 63 minutes:

  1. How to dispute inaccurate information on your credit report
  2. Why the credit reporting agencies make MORE MONEY if they report false, negative information about you
  3. Common misconceptions about how credit reporting works
  4. How one person can have many different “credit scores” even on the same day
  5. How some “credit repair” organizations are breaking the law by taking your money
  6. How your neighbor’s bad credit can hurt YOUR credit score
  7. The big “free report” scam run by one of the biggest credit reporting agencies
  8. Why there’s no such thing as a FICO score.
  9. How a bad credit report can cost you your job
  10. How making financially responsible credit decisions can HURT your credit score
  11. How paying off your old debt can DROP A NUCLEAR BOMB on your credit score
  12. The Secret Check Box that could save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on your next home loan

Check out the video:

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